Civil Case Results

If Under Investigation

What should you do if you are under investigation?

Having a good defense attorney can make a great impact on your case during the pre-file stage of a case. Many times before formal charges are filed, Law enforcement tries to gather as much evidence as possible to build their case against you by conducting a criminal investigation.

You need an attorney before you talk to anyone. Since you haven't been arrested, you don't have any Miranda Rights. This is when most people fall into law enforcement traps designed to destroy their legal case.

Most people naturally want to defend themselves, but you must resist the temptation to talk! Do not try to defend yourself to anyone without getting an attorney. Getting the right attorney immediately can often prevent charges from being filed in the first place. If charges end up being filed, having the right attorney already onboard can ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected.

If you suspect that you may be charged with a crime or are under investigation, we strongly encourage you to speak to an attorney immediately!