Construction Negligence in New Brunswick & Paterson NJ

Construction workers face extremely hazardous conditions on the jobsite. Whether a small residential project or a major project for commercial development, the potential for serious work related injuries exists every day. Despite state and federal safety regulations, as well as industry standards, these injuries occur frequently.

Every year, thousands of construction workers and laborers are seriously injured or killed while working at construction sites. Often this is the result of construction site negligence on the part of the construction company owners, general contractors or subcontractors.

The worker's compensation received following a jobsite injury is rarely enough to cover living expenses, medical bills and provide adequate compensation for all damages resulting from a construction accident.

If you, a family member, or someone you know has been seriously and/or permanently injured as a result of a construction accident, contact Mazraani & Liguori LLP immediately. We fight to ensure our clients get the maximum amount of compensation possible.