Nursing Home Negligence in New Brunswick & Paterson, NJ

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Nursing home staff members carry a lot of responsibility. You trust them with your loved one's life. If they betray that trust by neglecting or abusing your loved one, you can hold them accountable. Work with Mazraani & Liguori LLP in Paterson or New Brunswick, NJ to build a strong case against them for nursing home negligence.

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Notice the signs of nursing home neglect

When your loved one lives in a nursing home, it can be difficult to manage their care from a distance. That's why it's especially important to notice the telltale signs of neglect and abuse.

Examples of nursing home negligence include...

  • Administering incorrect medication or dosages
  • Neglecting basic needs, such as food and water
  • Refusing assistance with personal hygiene
If your loved one is experiencing abuse in their living space, you need to speak with a local attorney immediately. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 732-951-3100.